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Behind The Lens 

I'm truly honoured that you'd like to take some time to get to know me, and hopefully this is just the start of our journey together! 


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"I'm a dreamer who's living the life I'm building for myself! Which I absolutely love" 




My dearest... you and I have so much in common. 


We are both passionate, confident and driven women who are always looking for the positives in life. I have made it my mission to make incredible women feel truly magical on their wedding day and for all special occasions for years to come. 


So how did this all start?


I have always been passionate about visual narratives growing up. When choosing a career, the only thing I was certain on was that I wanted to study photography, so I enrolled into a University and combined my two passions: arts and imagery. Upon completing my degree, I left for London, dreaming of the Big City and all it would mean for my career. I’m fortunate to say I’ve worked with big brands, traveled across the world with my career and met photographers I’m extremely influenced by but...


Something was missing. 


The more experienced I became, the more confused I felt. I was out of alignment, and overall I was rapidly losing my creative touch. 


So I made a big decision. I moved back to Devon. And guess what…


I have never looked back.

I now have my own creative business, doing the work I love the most, helping amazing women and couples to create truly unique photographs which will be something they’ll be glad to look at when growing old together. These important and happy moments are one of the most treasurable gifts of life, so why risk it? 


Together we will tell your story, so it doesn’t end up like another dusty wedding album in the back of a cupboard. We will create something so special that all you will want is to say I DO over and again and again!

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Im fortunate that my talent has been recognised around the world,  enabling me to experience and travel whilst also doing what I love the most. This image was taken in Perth, Western Australia, my sister's home which unsurprisingly makes it one of my favourite places to visit and work.

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No different to during my childhood, I spend a lot of my days walking on the beach but now I reflect on my business, happiness and successes

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alexandra louise wedding photography photographer devon westward ho



It's hard to describe what Ben does for me on a daily basis, but he is my absolute rock. He is jointly responsible for giving me the confidence I need in order to take breathtaking images. Being in love is so special, and he helps me to remember this on a daily basis which ultimately guides me to know why my job is so vital. 



When I grew up and still to this day, an exciting afternoon would be spent baking with my family. Because of this I'll always associate baking with such joy and fun. Also it's always been a great creative outlet for me not forgetting the bonus of a sweet treat afterwards.  

alexandra louise wedding photography photographer devon westward ho



Once the big day is over, one of my most favourite moments is watching my clients take each other's hands and start their journey together. It's pure magic!


Often in life, people will say how they found their calling. This however was not the case in my story, as photography most certainly found me. 


As a little girl, I knew that my understanding of the world and how to process it was different. I would spend my childhood days running around the beaches in North Devon, shadowed by the simplicity of Devonian life, not knowing how much I’d need my camera throughout my life.  


Truth is, I discovered I was dyslexic. Which means that I started life with difficulties reading, and interpreting words and letters. I can still remember heat running through my cheeks, with overwhelming embarrassment, because I could not keep up academically with my childhood peers in school. 


As I progressed, photography quickly became my way of expressing my deepest and strongest emotions, a kind of magic tool and a new language for translating my world, in a better way. And even better news, I realised I held natural and raw talent which I discovered after winning multiple competitions at a young age.  


I started to become so comfortable and immensely fulfilled with my creativity as a result of this talent, I naturally joined a university photography course, to further my understanding of the field. After three years of immense development, I’m proud to say I graduated with a first class degree in Photography. Subsequently, I packed my bags, moved to London, and started my first role in the photographic industry. Whilst the primary months were a dream, becoming a photographer turned out to be sour for me. 


As I progressed I thought I was falling out of love with photography, and as my confidence decreased I realised the issue was not photography but the rules imposed by a fast paced tainted industry. This is when I made an important decision and to quit. That’s right, I stopped.  


I went back to the source (North Devon), reconnected with myself, fell in love with my partner, and my heart started to open up again. As my confidence grew, I started feeling the excitement that had been missing for so long and this is when I decided that it was time to truly fulfil my dream. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve only been living back here for one year and I’ve never been happier. 


I get to work with the most gorgeous clients, and together we create together what I Like to call masterpieces.


And this is what I want for you. 


For you to feel special, for you to feel like you matter.

Taken care of. Reassured. Excited!


Maybe you'll wonder what you will look like? 


Maybe you're scared it might rain? 


Maybe you’re worrying that you’re not in the right shape? 


What if, what if, what if....? 


For now, forget these questions, because I have good news: I hold all the answers for you. 


Trust me when I say, together we will create amazing memories and beautiful pictures, no matter what you look like, feel like or even if it's pouring with rain. I'll make sure you always glance at these images with the biggest smile on your face. 



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I take pride in my photographic knowledge, and I’m no super geek but I know my way around the technical side of this art form. My images often display light tones, with contrasting composition. The images I take for you will be led with the notion of creating works of art, fuelled by my healthy level of perfectionism and creativity. 


As well as my skilful technical side, the most important ingredient for taking breathtaking images is emotional connection. You’ll soon discover after meeting me, how much of an open and bubbly person I am, and I truly can’t wait to hear your story.  


It’s this same personality that will encourage the relaxed composure that’s needed for those pure images showcasing the deep love and connection you share for each other. 

Yes I’m devoted to my art, but a subject that’s extremely close to my heart is self-love and confidence. I say this because I’ve been there. 


Trust me when I say: I know that feeling of comparison against someone who's perhaps; 



has better skin? 


But I take absolute pride in my goal and ability to make you feel amazing, so when you look back on your wedding images you feel graceful and elegant. I create the photographs that you are proud to share amongst the people you love. 





Seriously, life is way too short. Embed on a journey with a true artist, so you can proudly hang that photograph and admire them for years to come. 


When making your decision, please remember this… 


You are a beautiful individual, and you deserve to have spectacular images on your special day that you can look back on with bags of confidence and admiration.


I am wholly excited to meet you.


My love, 


Alexandra x