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Don't be scared, you're beautiful!

When I ask my close friends and family members about couples sessions, the majority say that they wouldn't be comfortable because they don’t like getting their photo taken as they’re so conscious of how they look.

So guys, is that really what all the fuss is about?

I don’t believe for one second, that people would choose what they look like over making memories.

Because trust me when I say, if there aren’t many good pictures of you - then it’s because you haven’t had a professional behind the lens! ... Yet!

I’m sure this isn’t true, and you must have at least one good picture of you somewhere (perhaps the one you use for all your profile pics)? But one way to guarantee it, is to work with someone like me.

Did I hear you say how? Well...

One of the most important things for getting great shots, is making sure you feel as comfortable as possible. This is because natural looking poses and expressions are the ones we treasure the most because guess what… They’re real!

Natural, beautiful and lasting pictures don’t come unless you feel comfortable, no matter how good someone is with a camera.

Hopefully this has left you feeling a little less conscious, so onto what comes next!

Similar to any successful execution, planning is key. Even before any photographs are taken, I like to meet my couples for a coffee to get to know you as people and what your other half is like. During that time, I’ll help with outfit choices that would compliment the tone of the imagery.

Then finally, we can think about some scenic locations that hold a special place in your hearts.

So wouldn’t you rather walk past the frames in your house with a smile on your face, instead of avoiding eye contact with awkward photos? Or even one worse, a boring poster that means nothing to you.

Memories are the building blocks of our lives, so make these images a part of your heart and your home.

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